Philips Corp. - your source for HAAS Machining equipment and MARKFORGED 3-D Printing. This past weekend, Leanne and I had the once in a life time chance to experience Formula 1 racing up front and personal with the HAAS folks. We buy all of our HAAS CNC needs from Philips Corp. as well as our Markforged 3-D printing needs. We have for years and I can tell you that the service and experience that Philips Corp brings is second to none. Last weekend, we flew to Austin Texas for a F-1 race with about 50 or so other HAAS employees and customers. We had a great time with this group and meet some interesting people and made a few new friends. The HAAS F-1 team is regrouping this year and made a good showing there against some of the best in the world. 440,000 people were in attendance at this event. It was awesome. A huge Thank You to everyone at HAAS & MARKFORGED that made this trip possible through the Philips Corp. If you have machining or printing needs, I highly recommend Philips Corp. Johnny Vickers, President