For over a year now, I have been testing the MAXX ECU on the Nitro Harleys. I continue to be impressed with the capabilties of this product. It has been flawless so far on our bikes. I now install the MAXX on all of our new bikes and have been steadly upgrading older bikes in all classes with this system. The "MINI" is great if you have an older bike with a Racepak and EM box and want to upgrade say, just the ignition. If you need the whole deal, the MAXX RACE ECU is for you. This ECU will handle anything you can throw at it, including the ignition, data logging, and any timed event you may need. Both systems use the modern crank trigger / cam sensor method to accurately control ignition timing that is unheard of in past V-Twin type ignition systems. We  have developed our own custom wiring harness for the MAXX that is water proof, fire proof and truly "plug & play. I have put more pics up on the new products page. Contact me for more info. Johnny Vickers