Deer Hunting Over The Thanksgiving Holidays & Being Thankful

Ever since I was old enough to carry a shotgun (which was my trusty 410 @ 8 years old which I still own) my Dad and I went to the camp and Deer hunted for the 4-day holiday. I am thankful to have these memories of our time together. We did not always see the world the same, but we always made sure that we never let these differences come between our bonding as father and son. 

To this day, I honor those memories by taking to the woods during the Thanksgiving holidays. As luck would have it on Thanksgiving morning, Alex and I were again at our favorite hunting spot when this 8-point came into my view and the results are pictured here. This guy had been fighting alot. He had broken antlers and fresh gashes aroung his head and neck as proof of battle. Alex had told me earlier in the morning that he had heard 2 Bucks fighting but did not see them. This guy could have been one of those! This was a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for the memories Dad! JV