The 2023 Jim McClure Nationals was one hell of an event! The largest all Harley Drag Race that I have attended in over 20 years, What a great event it was. By Friday night, racers late to the party could not find parking. Rockingham was packed.  All the Nitro classes had full fields with Pro Fuel having 20 bikes trying for a 16 bike field. Sam White went into Rockingham with the points lead in both organizations, but had to go rounds to secure either title. After qualifing on the pole with a 7.26 ET pass, Sam went through the field to ultimately meet up with another Hawaya built, Derringer High Cam powered, MAXX ECU equipped Pro Fueler and former champion, Rocky Jackson. When the smoke cleared, Sam got the best of Rocky in a great Pro Fuel final to sweep the entire event and winning two championships in one event. Nicely done by all! JV