The Hunting Gods Were With Me This Past Saturday!

This past weekend started the second week of our "Muzzle Loader" Deer season. Alex and I spent the weekend hunting together at our favorite hunting site. Early Saturday morning sitting over a power line, I used my grunt call as I always do during the Rut. This signals that there is a dominate Buck in the area. Now if you just happen to be that dominate Buck, this is a challenge to your domain and you go looking for the intruder in a winner take all match up, kinda like Drag Racing. Well in this case, I was the intruder he came looking for. Now this old Vet is too old for physical confrontation anymore, but is still a pretty good shot! This did not work out so well for this Eleven Point. His age was estimated by Wildlife officals to be 4 1/2 years or older, which is pretty old for a white tail deer anymore. JV