HRP Finding Inovative Ways to Move The Bar in Our Sport with Portable 3-D Digitized Scanning and Software!

In thinking about ways to compliment our Markforged X-7 3-D printer along with our HAAS CNC Mill and Lathe, I came up with Digitized 3-D Scanning. The Scantech 3-D Digital Scanner is the smallest, most versitale and portable scanner on the market today. The software that accompanies the scanner is very powerful. We can scan anything from a pin point to a truck door within an accuarcy of less than .001". We can then feed this directly to our X-7 if wanting to print the scanned object or bring it into our Solidworks software where the solid part can be massaged if necessary and machined. We recently used the scanner on our Bagger project in designing a complicated torque plate to tie the right side of the engine, transmission and our adapter plate together. The results speak for themselves. The scanner opens many doors for obsolete or damaged parts that need to be reverse engineered. One thing that comesBagger Adapter Prototype Complete (2)Bagger Adapter Prototype Complete (8) to my mind is intake manifolds. We can now scan your old intake manifold and either generate a CAD/CAM program for CNC machining or print it in composite almost overnight. JV