Here is an update on the 196 Billet High Cam/Twin cam project. Steve and myself have been contacted by several individuals that are serious about this project over the past couple of weeks, so we are proceeding with a plan. Pictured is the lastest idea we have on this subject. In converstaions with the people interested, the transmission seems to be the weak link, especially if we throw the torque the 196 will make at it. So, we reached out to Bert Baker, of Baker Transmission, to discuss our new project. Long story short, Bert suggested using the Torque Box (using EVO mounting) and was kind enough to supply us with one to dummy up our ideas. 

I have taken all the measurements and this is a do-able deal. Our idea is to make a one piece billet adapter that will bolt directly in place of the Twin Cam eng/trany. The design of the adapter will serve as the oil pan for the Derringer 196 and the mounting platform for the Torque Box transmission. The cavity underneath the trany, will house the oil tank, similar to stock. From there we will design the rear of the adapter to fit into the swingarm piviot bolt area just like the Twin Cam does. 

Feedback Please: Thanks JV