Sam White Debuts the Termainter Too Pro Fueler at AHDRA Commerce.

HRP headed to Commerce Georgia weekend before last with several goals in mind. First on our plate was to get the new Terminater Too bike out on the track for shake down passes and test the new MaxxECU Race System we had installed over the winter. This is a first for one of these bikes and our testing in the shop had looked very promising. We have been working closly with Steve Nichols who is the go to guy for the MaxxECU, and he was in attendence at the track to get us off on the right foot. Second goal was to keep progressing Tim Kerrigan's new Top Fueler. We have been having fuel delivery issues with the new bike but are steady making progress. We did determine over the weekend that the fuel pump is weak and will not step up when we need it to, so we will replace that before our next outing. We did manage to run 6.80's over the weekend, but that is way short of our goal.

"It was a good weekend all the way around this past weekend for HRP says President Johnny Vickers. The weather was great, the attendance was good in all classes and Bill Rowe put on a good show. Sam qualified #3 if I remember correctly on the Termainater Too, running 7.40's and 7.50's all weeekend and having high MPH for the event, but eventually falling short in the semi's to Jim Martin in a very close race. The finals in Pro Fuel was all Derringer with the LSR team coming out on top. I am still learing the MaxxECU system and have a long way to go to be proficient with it, but Steve Nichols is the master of this system and he will school me. We now feel comfortable to provide the MaxxECU to anyone that is interested in upgrading their system. The MaxxECU will do anything from runing the ignition, to managing the fuel system as well as all data logging. One unit can replace your ignition system, EM box and your Racepak along with providing tuning options that you have not had in the past. Hawaya Racing will be using the MaxxECU system on Sam Whites new Top Fuel bike that is currently under construction here at HRP. For more info on the Maxx,  please e-mail or call us here at HRP. "

Hawaya Racing would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for their continued support of our racing efforts and commitment to the sport of Motorcycle Drag  Racing.

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