Composite Crank Sensor Mounting Bracket and CNC Machined 60-2 Trigger Wheel

We are now installing the MAXX ECU products on all of our new builds and retro fitting many of the older bikes with this upgrade. With supply chain issues it just made sense for us to start manufacturing the necessary parts we need to install these systems on our customers bikes. HRP has had major problems getting Crank Trigger wheels in the proper size and tooth count to be able to install the MAXX on our bikes. So, we just started making them in house on our HAAS VF-4 machining center and can now bolt them on. With the addition of the Markforged X-7 3-D Industrial Printer making composite brackets to mount the sensors was easy. Matt then did the CAD work on the crank trigger bracket and sent it to the X-7. This morning we had ten new composite sensor brackets! Matt also did the design work for the 60-2 Trigger Wheel that we have had so much trouble getting, generated the G-Code for the HAAS and today we ran 10 Trigger Wheels. Problem solved! JVCrank Sensor and trigger Wheel Installed