Our Markforged X-7 3-D Printer is hard at work making new light weight racing parts.

Over the past few weeks we have selected various parts that we normally make from aluminum and running them on the 3-D printer. We have made throttle cable brackets, throttle cable arms, 3-Way Shut-off brackets, Crank Sensor mounting brackets and Throttle Grip assemblies to name a few. We are learing how to mix the different materials to get the strength needed, keep the time and cost down. In some cases, we actually alter the design of the part, adding webbing, bracing or carbon filber layers to obtain the objective.

Take this Throttle Grip set for example. The aluminum parts weigh in at 1.42 pounds. The same parts in composite weigh in at .56 pounds. That is a 72% reduction in weight! Who would have ever thought you could save roughly a pound in the throttle grips? JV