Coming in at 2.4 Only Ounces!

I had a couple of orders for Parachute kits to fill and realized I was out of the cable actuator brackets that we made on the CNC. That is a pain to machine those two parts and ties up the machine from doing larger jobs, plus the fact that I had to fab another part out of stainless steel to bolt to that bracket. So I got with Matt and we sat down and re-designed the complete bracket as one piece and sent it to our Markforged X-7 3D Printer and went home. This morning we had four nice new actuator cable brackets. That was easy! The result was this, savings of about 4-5 hours labor, did not use the CNC Mill or welder or press to make the SS bracket (less cost to make, reduced racer cost). A weight savings of nearly a pound, the composite bracket coming in a just 2.4 ounces (weight is horsepower). Virtually no labor needed. JV