Taking 3-D Printing to Another Level:

I leaned on our relationship with Philips Corp. for guidance once I decided to get into 3-D printing. Philips had partnered with Markforgerd Additives so I looked into it. On Philips recommendation, Matt and I went to Philips Corp  for a demonstration of the printers Markforged had to offer. Long story short, we purchased the X-7 industrial 3-D printer. Since that time we have increasingly pushed the printing techonology to new levels. Pushing the engineers and upper management at Markforged to do things that they never thought of before sparked some interest in what we were doing with their equipment. A video shoot was arranged and about a month ago we did the shoot. The link is at the top and I think you might find it interesting. This is a major company taking an interest in our sport, how cool is that? JV