Hawaya Racing Products has designed two new oil tanks and a new breather tank for Drag bikes. “We recognized the need for better oiling and breather systems, so I reached out to MOROSO and entered into an agreement with them to build our new tanks, says HRP president Johnny Vickers”. The larger 3 quart capacity oil tank is designed to be used on bigger bikes like the Top Fuel and Nitro Funny bikes, while the smaller 1 -1/2 quart capacity tank is for smaller engine bikes like the Pro Fuel and Gas powered bikes. Both tanks have internal baffling for better oil – mist separation and are easily cleaned. Simply remove a few bolts from the center mounting flange and the tank comes apart in the center. The breather tanks are designed on the outlet with a 12 ORB female thread to accept a filter or one way poppet valve. These tanks are now in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Custom Aluminum fuel cells are also available.

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