NHRA has announced a rule change to the pushrod length from 11 inch minimum to 9 inch minimum for the Top Fuel Harleys for the 2022 season. This is good news for the sport, racers and HRP which will take full advantage of the new rule in our Stage-2 Engines.


NHRA RULE AMMENDMENTS MADE FROM THE END OF THE 2021 SEASON TO THE BEGINNING OF THE 2022 SEASON 10 SECTION 5: NHRA TOP FUEL HARLEY DRAG RACING SERIES, ENGINE:1, ENGINE (Page 1) (10/1/2021) Must be NHRA-accepted. Must keep design features of Harley-Davidson engines (Pushrod, 45° to 90° V Twin). Carbureted, fuel injected or supercharged single or double engines. Maximum displacement for all combinations 200 cubic inches. Minimum pushrod length 11 9 inches. Beginning January 1, 2021, maximum displacement for normally aspirated combinations 200 cubic inches and for supercharged combinations 170 cubic inches. Pushrod aftermarket heads are permitted (including 4 valve). Crankcase and all tanks containing fluids must have vent tubes routed to catch can or have a non-spill breather system on motorcycle. Superchargers must have rubber manifold connections or some form of “sneeze” valve. Supercharger blankets are mandatory. Must have “Bellypan” scatter shield under engine. SFI Specification 46.1 approved engine restraint systems are required. A nonflammable, oil absorbent liner mandatory inside of retention device. These restraints must be replaced or recertified by the manufacturer every two (2) years. Chest protectors are mandatory.